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    • hramvi
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      Hi. Just installed a Glomex 4G lite. Outdoor, and three meters above sea level on my boat.

      I only get ~10mbit, even if my 4G phone gets 200mbit in the same location.

      My service provider is not in the list (Telia), so I entered the APN manually, it’s only telia

      Could this be the reason for slow speed? The Glomex software says I’m using Netcom, another network.

    • glomexadmin
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      You sure the APN used is correct for the contract in the sim?
      Have you activate the roaming?
      Can share to the service mail (service@glomex.it) a photo of where is mounted the weBBoat?
      And share the QRcode, to allowed me the possibility to reach the unit?

Viewing 1 reply thread
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