1. What is Camboat?

CamBoat™ is the Wi-Fi HD IP security camera that allows you to monitor the area remotely wherever you are and at any time via the free IOS and Android App.

2. Is CamBoat Secure?

Your CamBoat™ 100% private. There is no cloud connection; you have your own direct, encrypted and real-time video streaming.

3. How does CamBoat™ work?

CamBoat™ starts recording videos in case of movements, thanks to its built-in motion sensor and microphone. Videos are recorded automatically on the integrated SD Card.

4. Which format does CamBoat™ supports?

CamBoat™ uses H.264 format that is a video codec standard which can achieve high quality video in relatively low bitrates with 720p HD resolution.

5. Is it a Wi-Fi cam?

Yes, but it’s not simply a Wi-Fi camera: you can connect to it through direct, encrypted and real-time peer-to-peer communication.

6. Do I need a 220V to run?

No, you just need 12V DC power supply so you can use it in many different areas with just a battery support.

7. Is it for indoor or outdoor use?

CamBoat™ is a water-resistant camera with aluminum dome frame. It allows you to use it both indoor and outdoor.

8. Has CamBoat™ night vision?

Yes it has IR distance up to 15m (49’).

9. Can I zoom the picture?

You can magnify the view by double tapping on your device screen. It is not a digital zooming but magnifying.

10. Can I change the streaming resolution?

Yes, you can change the resolution between

  • 1280*720 (HD resolution)
  • 640*352 (for saving cellular data)
  • 320*176 (for saving cellular data)

11. Are there on-screen display information while recording?

Yes, you can active and change the positions of the on-screen display information (such as camera name, date, time) or you can choose to hide them all.

12. How am I notified when there is a movement on the cam?

You can set your CamBoat™ to send you screenshot emails when the motion sensor is triggered. So you can always check your SD card for records or set an FTP server storage for videos and pictures.

13. Can I change recording duration?

You can set the recording time range between 15-900 seconds from the settings.

14. How can I download recorded videos?

The videos are saved on the built-in SD card with daily folders names. To download them you should connect your PC to the same Wi-Fi network of your CamBoat™, go to the IP address of your cam and click “browser SD card” from the device settings.

15. Which player program do I need to play videos?

You can watch your videos with any media player that supports H.264 file format. (e.g. VLC, go to Preferences menu, select Input/Encoder and then change the Demuxer settings in “Demuxer video HEVC/H.265”)

16. What happens if SD storage is full?

Camboat™ continues to record by deleting old dated files to save space for new ones.