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    Thank you for your support, we have just tried :

    – To mount the Bouygues sim in Android mobile phone with success
    – To surf on internet with this phone with success
    – To share the connection from this phone to another phone and it was working with success

    The current APN is referenced to their documentation: In addition from the phone we can see this APN too.

    Tethering mode/ modem following their documentation,, is available for any phone package and nothing to configure.

    I can see other parameters that we can’t configure into your application like authentication type, PDP type, APN type… Is it something that could make it not working with your default configuration? From what I could read, it looks like regarding Bouygues the APN type can be Default,mms or internet+mms. However it’s not clear.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)