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    • N_Nescio
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      Hi all, I am new here but am working with my WeBBoat 4G Plus for over a year already.

      What I like about the device is the connectivity of all smart devices on board on the same wifi network and that the wifi is always on (unlike a regular mifi or phone hotspot).

      What I dont like is that the cellular reception is often worse than my iPhone reception. Especially upload speed can be dramatic. Up to a point that I can’t have MS Teams sessions on board anymore unless I switch to my phone hotspot. What can be done about this? How can I improve the build in antenna of the WeBBoat 4G Plus, hpw can I improve cellular reception?

      The WB+ is on the outside of my (steel) ship. Mounted on the rail app 2 meters above sea level.

      If I can’t fix this I must switch back to my mifi or look for other better solutions. At this price point I though this would be the best. But maybe I am missing something.

      WeBBoat iPhone
      Download: 8,66 12,0
      Upload: 1,66 3,97

      Thanks for any insights!


    • glomexadmin
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      Hi Nesco, Can please write this to the service mail? service@glomex.it

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