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    • wappen
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      we have a metal hull, weBBoat Lite above deck, connect to Navigation-PC with LAN cable, not WiFi.
      I see a device on IP shown as WeBBoat3.lan
      The outside WAN connection via UMTS/LTE and WiFi works and the webboat App on smartphone works.

      But I need to have the Admin website via LAN on the NAV-computer.
      It worked at the beginning but now I can not connect with Edge browser to the weBBoat IP??
      Has anyone an idea what to do?
      Just to rest to manufactuiring semms not be appropriate.
      Thanks for any useful hint

    • glomexadmin
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      Dear Customer,
      what error appear on the browser?
      Do you have tried with another browser?
      Can you check if there is another device in your network with a DHCP service active or with the same IP address?

    • wappen
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      Thanx for your fasr reply,
      I just took an IP Scanner and the result was the existing IP for weBBoat lite.
      The Data connection weBBoat –> PC worked with LTE and WiFi, I can also login via smartphone as admin; that´s fine.
      But: is it correct to have the admin page also accessible via LAN-cable ?
      I am pretty sure that this worked in our environment in the beginning, but it is gone now

      We have as training ship different crews and skippers, so I need an easy usable solution as admin for new WiFi with the Navigation-PC http://www.skwb.de

Viewing 2 reply threads
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